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 Presentations for the 2014 Amicale jobs !

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Age : 26 Masculin
Ecole : ESBS
Promo : 2015
Date d'inscription : 08/08/2012

MessageSujet: Presentations for the 2014 Amicale jobs !   Mar 5 Nov 2013 - 21:52

Hello eveyone !! Here is the summary of the presentations for the Amicale Jobs ^^ :

Vp Sport :

He made a video on the beach with sport and fight (music : The Eye of the Tiger).
He assures not having any trouble with the PSs, he already knows that the Inter Agro will be a lot of work for him (Carhaix, Finistère). He is ready to motivate a lot of people and to send a lot of mails for the sport organisations !

Vp Ext :

- Laurane (koala picture) :
For her, the Vp ext job is divided into two parts : The organisations of Afters, and of totaly crazy POLY parties.
For the First one, she assures to know a list of bars for that (Java, Jimmy's, and others). She said she will try to lower the prices of drinks, and made possible that it would be good musics for everybody, and a huge space to dance.
For the second one, she will try to create huge events, and to be the voice of the ESBS.
She also has got a car, more practical to go the POLY meetings.
She has the ideas to create events in PUBs and Beer bars, cocktail bars or lounge bars, and will make possible that the BDF can mix in the Korrigan. Other events : concerts, cinema, etc...
She also knows the year of creation of the POLY association : 1994 !

- Claire :
She said she will be careful to guide people to afters with the tram. Strasbourg is her home town, so she knows all the cinemas, shopping places, restaurants, etc...
She said she loves to dance and drink a lot, and knows places where the ESBS students must be !
She described ESBS students as good and crazy students. She also know where the POLY members' schools are, so it can be easier for the meetings. She wants to create big poly parties, she speaks French better than English, and has got a car.
She has a good hope to represent the ESBS within the POLY "bureau".

- Clémence :
She comes from a Prep school in Strasbourg and currently lives in the centre of the town (easier for the POLY meetings). She talked a lot about getting advices from the other students for parties, to see other points of view (she has a roommate from the university for exemple).
She didn't know how was the current POLY president.
She has the idea to organise a dinner, where everyone brings its own food and eat together (she took the example of Baggersee and of the big raclette party which was organised last year in the RU in esplanade).

Vp Fouaille :

- Tristan :
He said he came to almost all fouaille parties, poly parties and most of the afters (to see how people worked as he said). He said he was sympathetic, that he made good cocktails, he had a car, he was organized and that he could do the shopping and the cook for the parties. For him, his relationship with the PSs was good.

- Vincent :
He assures to be the king of cocktails, and that alcohol gave him good memories (four back-outs). He said he was buil for the job, with his 5 years of alcohol expertise (quickly wasted, as he said). His presence in the parties was : 95% of the fouaille parties, 100% of the Poly parties, 75% of the afters. He said he is full of energy, with two scars and two epilating traces.
He is not a good cooker (feeds animals in the farm), but he knows how to serve bier. He is sociable, creative, he has got a car, he is efficient, determinated, and will maybe not drink too much bier during the service.  

- Pym (Pierre-Yves Mocaër) :
He showed us a video.
He assures to have a lot of experience behind the bar, from a lot of festivals in Bretagne, like a lot of  Fest-noz, the "bout du monde" festival, etc...
He is totally crazy and love to costume !

Vp Spons :

Hélène :
After a introduction spoken in Japanese, she showed us her motivation (she knows how to sing (all by myself !), to climb stairs, to juggle...She wants to find new sponsors, especially with German companies. She is not afraid to speak with unknown people, and to get negative answers.  

Vp graph :

Arthur :
He said he loves to draw and take photos. To illustrate this, he showed us few beautiful photos from him. He has already some ideas for a new ESBS logo.

Treasurer :

Alix :
She thinks that the most important for the job is the organisation.
She will have to manage the inputs and outputs of money of the Amicale and to update them the quicker she can.
She is really interested for all the stuff that will be organized by the Amicale 2013/2014, and she can't wait to participate as a treasurer !

SeXcretary :

Noëlla :
She said she was highly motivated, enthusiast, easy going. She is a natural scribe, smiling, organized. She answers very well to the phone, and is completely crazy.
She was already a class representative and a team worker, treasurer and took care of the extern communication in Peru, was responsible the tourism organism and of booking in USA, and to make contacts with local Brazilian associations.
She showed us a video of the perfect secretary, which ended by a putsch "Noëlla president !".

Webmaster :

Baptiste :
He wants to be the ESBS guide on the web, doesn't like parties very much.
He wants to be a webmaster to be a bit more productive on a computer (already owns a powerful computer with dual screen at home), and also knows computer stuffs.
He doesn't have any car, not very a problem for a webmaster as he said.
He wants to invest himself (he already did the mailing list for the 1A), to learn new things (already known : Python, HTML and CSS language).

Vice-president :

- Florian :
He presented himself as the most stylish vice-president. He wants to help German people to come in the ESBS. He knows that his job will contain the communication factor (lot of mails) and English  isn't a problem for him.

- Katja :
She is living for 4 years in France, she also speaks French, English and German, and she like to be involved in an association. She goes fast, she is always smiling, she knows how to keep the balance, always find mistakes and the solutions. She said she will listen to you !

President :

- Nathan :
He comes from and BCPST prep school, loves a lot of movies and series (such as BBT), he can be serious when the situation needs it, he is attentive, open-minded, he has a good relationship with the PSs, and is ready to use its power of vote for the next BDE elections.
He is prepared to represent students as good as he can in front of the school.
He assures to be just love.
He was already a class representative before, and knows how to take the reponsability. He is prepared to have meetings with the director.
He has a car, and can make decisions when he needs to settle.

- Paul (Tomska inspired) :
He said that this year he has to take forward the genetics (he comes from a great family of Vpfouailles). He speaks French and German (achieved a BAC S euro german).
He wants to sell his body and soul to the ESBS, and will not forget to follow the traditions.
He already heard about great ideas from the others.
He was also a class representative before.
He will not be a despot, he knows that he can't achieve to please to everybody.
He is also ready to talk with the director about parties an stuffs.

This is it ! I remind you that the elections will start tuesday the 12th  !!
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Ecole : ESBS
Promo : 2016
Date d'inscription : 17/11/2010

MessageSujet: Re: Presentations for the 2014 Amicale jobs !   Ven 15 Nov 2013 - 8:09

Just a short reminder for thoses who couldn't be there yesterday :

The new amicale :
(in order of appearance(as long as I remember))

Webmaster : Baptiste
VP Graph : Arthur
VP Sport : Laurent
VP Spons : Hélène
VP ext : Claire et Laurane
VP Fouaille : Vincent et Tristan
Treasurer : Alix
SeXcretary : Noëlla
Vice-President : Katja
President : Paul

Enjoy this passation, and don't forget : the new amicale is there for you !
Special thanks to the previous amicale  

Sincerly Yours, Paul.
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Age : 26 Masculin
Ecole : ESBS
Promo : 2015
Date d'inscription : 08/08/2012

MessageSujet: Re: Presentations for the 2014 Amicale jobs !   Ven 15 Nov 2013 - 18:01

Congratulations to the new Amicale, and also good luck with your jobs ^^ ! We stay present for any question you have !!
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MessageSujet: Re: Presentations for the 2014 Amicale jobs !   

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Presentations for the 2014 Amicale jobs !
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